Tickets To Ride

Some people collect stamps, or mushrooms, others like birdwatching or trainspotting. I'm into music. As such few things give me more joy than going to concerts. The OCD part of me has been keeping tickets from all the shows i've been to since I really started going to see live music in 1996 while studying in Edinburgh.

With all concerts currently cancelled it seems to be a pertinent time to reflect on and share some memories of some the gigs i've been lucky enough to see over the last three decades. Of course, i've been to alot more concerts than there are tickets for here. For one thing, the release cool shows, that is the undergound ones, just give you a stamp. And digital or self-print tickets are more and more commen now so that proper tickets are almost becoming a things of the past. Also since moving to Berlin and in virtue of being so active in the music scene here i've been fortunate enough to not need a ticket alot of the time.

Click on a ticket to read a little story, annecdote or memory from the show and a link to the band(s) that performed. This site is dedicated to Koka36, Ripping Records, the booking agencies AmStart, Puschen, all you musicians and artists out there and of course to all my concert going buddies. Looking forward to go to more shows together again soon!

Dirk W Markham, April 2020

Alien Disko #3 @ Münchener Kammerspiele 14th & 15th December 2018

The Notwists Alien Transistor label has been a firm favourite of mine for a few years now. This was my first visit to their incredible "Alien Disko" festival and indeed to Munich. Matthew came too and although he was sick with the flu, we still enjoyed some awesome sets by The Pastels, Bill Wells, Tirzah, Palais Schaumburg, Pierre Bastien and many more. Massive thanks to my man Flow from Driftmachine & Saroos for putting me onto this incredible festival!